Thursday, November 5, 2009

Form and Content

This composition I feel is the best out of the form and content compositions I have blogged about.  One word is used through out the whole image.  The word is used in different tints, sizes, and direction.  The word Zebra is used instead of lines.    When looked at from a distance, the viewer can’t tell that all the lines are made from type.  Detail as little as the eyelashes are formed by using type.  The shadows under the mouth and around the neck area are shown through text as well.  Having text be the only source of making lines and shadows makes this piece really strong.  I think its very creative and a strong composition.  The small type and detail shown in the forehead of the zebra create depth and interest.  The different size of fonts creates a strong sense of three-dimensional shape.   I wouldn’t change anything in this piece.  I don’t know what else can be done with this composition to make it stronger.  

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Form and Content 4

This composition, overall, i think works well.  Everything from the color scheme to the modern style used flows well together.  I like how the use of type takes the viewer's eye in and out of the poster.  The intertwined letters creates interest and makes the viewer look even more closely.  I think making the "o" into a diamond ring is creative and the yellow adds extra color to the monochromatic color scheme.  The additional information at the bottom right corner is aligned correctly, i wouldn't place the text anywhere else.  I think if i had to change something in this piece it would be making the additional information one size bigger.  Also, I wonder if the title would pop even more if the background color were darker, possibly black.  Overall, i like the flow this composition creates.  I love the text used and how the letters interlock with one another.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Form and Content III

“GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED,” are the first words read on the top of the word-filled cloud.  This poster obviously has to do with global warming and the environment.   The only image on this poster is that of smoke stacks the large cloud.  The different color applied to the “GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED” draws the viewer’s eye and makes that phrase the high light and meaning of the poster.  This composition is easy to understand and easy to understand the meaning. The color scheme gives a dirty and grungy effect, which ties in nicely since pollution is dirty.  When a person thinks of pollution they think dark, dirty and grimy.  There fore I feel this color scheme works nicely. If I were to improve this composition I would try changing the buildings shown in the lower right color.  I wonder if making the contour lines a little heavier would make the image better seen.  I do like how the words are shaped like a cloud and has the same fluffy effect a cloud normally has.  I like how the warped text gives a feel of dimension also.  Overall I think this piece is a strong and successful composition and portrays the meaning very well.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Form and Content II

The first aspect of this poster I notice is the graphic image.  The design on the head is interesting and catches my eye.  I like the use of lines used through out the piece.   The tints of yellow and blue are a nice contrast to the black and gray geometric lines.  There is not a lot of type used in this piece but the type that is shown is organized in an interesting way.  The type is used in a block like form.  There are four areas of type the center of the poster is where the main type/information is located.  I like how the information and the design work together to form a symmetric and balanced piece. 

The one thing I would improve on this piece is to make the type in the upper left and right corner a size or two bigger.  I would possibly make the information on the white band coming from the center of the head a size larger as well.  Together as a whole I feel this piece works well in both the design and the type.  

Friday, September 18, 2009

This piece is from a graphic design website who designs a variety of advertisements.  This piece is promoting a film commemorating a birthday. The poster captured my eye because of the color scheme; the tints of orange and red work well with one another.  I like the warm colors and vintage feel of the overall poster.  The way the poster was designed gives the viewer the feeling that he or she is looking at a movie poster.  Yet the poster is more of a showing of a movie and a celebration of birthday.  The font of the text really emphasizes the vintage feel of this poster.  I think the font makes a large impact even though it only takes up a smaller amount of space on the poster.   The red lettering makes the important information stands out to the viewer.

            A potential negative of this poster would be the font of the title.  With out reading the information at the top and bottom of the poster, I would have had a difficult time reading the heading.  If the “G” were separated from the rest of the word it would be easier to read while still being in cursive font.  I also feel the information on the bottom of the poster could be a size or two bigger, making it easier to read.   The information on the top of the poster could also be a size bigger and maybe a lighter tint of orange, making it easier to read.