Friday, September 18, 2009

This piece is from a graphic design website who designs a variety of advertisements.  This piece is promoting a film commemorating a birthday. The poster captured my eye because of the color scheme; the tints of orange and red work well with one another.  I like the warm colors and vintage feel of the overall poster.  The way the poster was designed gives the viewer the feeling that he or she is looking at a movie poster.  Yet the poster is more of a showing of a movie and a celebration of birthday.  The font of the text really emphasizes the vintage feel of this poster.  I think the font makes a large impact even though it only takes up a smaller amount of space on the poster.   The red lettering makes the important information stands out to the viewer.

            A potential negative of this poster would be the font of the title.  With out reading the information at the top and bottom of the poster, I would have had a difficult time reading the heading.  If the “G” were separated from the rest of the word it would be easier to read while still being in cursive font.  I also feel the information on the bottom of the poster could be a size or two bigger, making it easier to read.   The information on the top of the poster could also be a size bigger and maybe a lighter tint of orange, making it easier to read.

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