Thursday, October 1, 2009

Form and Content II

The first aspect of this poster I notice is the graphic image.  The design on the head is interesting and catches my eye.  I like the use of lines used through out the piece.   The tints of yellow and blue are a nice contrast to the black and gray geometric lines.  There is not a lot of type used in this piece but the type that is shown is organized in an interesting way.  The type is used in a block like form.  There are four areas of type the center of the poster is where the main type/information is located.  I like how the information and the design work together to form a symmetric and balanced piece. 

The one thing I would improve on this piece is to make the type in the upper left and right corner a size or two bigger.  I would possibly make the information on the white band coming from the center of the head a size larger as well.  Together as a whole I feel this piece works well in both the design and the type.  

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