Thursday, October 29, 2009

Form and Content 4

This composition, overall, i think works well.  Everything from the color scheme to the modern style used flows well together.  I like how the use of type takes the viewer's eye in and out of the poster.  The intertwined letters creates interest and makes the viewer look even more closely.  I think making the "o" into a diamond ring is creative and the yellow adds extra color to the monochromatic color scheme.  The additional information at the bottom right corner is aligned correctly, i wouldn't place the text anywhere else.  I think if i had to change something in this piece it would be making the additional information one size bigger.  Also, I wonder if the title would pop even more if the background color were darker, possibly black.  Overall, i like the flow this composition creates.  I love the text used and how the letters interlock with one another.

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