Thursday, October 15, 2009

Form and Content III

“GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED,” are the first words read on the top of the word-filled cloud.  This poster obviously has to do with global warming and the environment.   The only image on this poster is that of smoke stacks the large cloud.  The different color applied to the “GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED” draws the viewer’s eye and makes that phrase the high light and meaning of the poster.  This composition is easy to understand and easy to understand the meaning. The color scheme gives a dirty and grungy effect, which ties in nicely since pollution is dirty.  When a person thinks of pollution they think dark, dirty and grimy.  There fore I feel this color scheme works nicely. If I were to improve this composition I would try changing the buildings shown in the lower right color.  I wonder if making the contour lines a little heavier would make the image better seen.  I do like how the words are shaped like a cloud and has the same fluffy effect a cloud normally has.  I like how the warped text gives a feel of dimension also.  Overall I think this piece is a strong and successful composition and portrays the meaning very well.

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